Which doctor should treat water retention&bloating?

Answer On One Hand: General Practitioners Can Treat Most EdemaThe proper doctor for treatment of water retention, also called edema, and bloating is sometimes a general practitioner. In many cases, edema ... Read More »

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How can i treat plantar warts myself without going to the doctor?

Plantar warts can be painful because they develop on the bottoms of your feet, and you put pressure on them on a daily basis. Aside from the pain and discomfort, they look unpleasant. Before shelli... Read More »

How would a doctor treat jellyfish sting?

With regular household vinegar or I would recommend a product called has 5% acetic acid, the doctor recommended level to best provide 1st aid relief for jelly stings. Used it myself;... Read More »

My wife is suffering from VASOVAGAL SYNCOPE and I need know the doctor in Kolkata who will be able to treat?

Hey! Vasovagal syncope can be treated without a doctor in some cases .. you have not said what causes her syncope .. syncope caused by mental triggers can be trained with therapy and simple things ... Read More »

Does your family doctor treat all of your medical problems, or do you prefer to see a specialist?

It depends on the problem. If I have an orthopedic problem, or skin problem, I want a specialist. You can always research your problem online to see just what is available. Go to They ha... Read More »