Which do you use, Butter or Margarine?

Answer I didn't get real butter until I went in the Navy. I haven't touched oilyoldmargarine since.

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Can I use peanut butter instead of margarine or butter when cooking?

I dont think so..but peanut butter might be good on your leg...need a Kitty to lick it off?

If margarine evolved from butter, why is there sill butter?

There is scientific evidence that all fats are related!

Can I substitute margarine for butter in frosting?

You can easily substitute margarine for butter in frosting recipes. Margarine works especially well in buttercream frosting because its fat molecules contain hydrogen atoms, making the margarine ab... Read More »

Can you use margarine in sugar cookies instead of butter?

Margarine can be substituted for butter in sugar cookie recipes, but the substitution may cause a difference in flavor, texture or shape. To avoid these changes, only replace up to half of the butt... Read More »