Which do you prefer for a search engine: yahoo, google or dogpile?

Answer Yahoo! for the contentGoogle for the search----- Verdict: Tie -----I realize your question asked about best "search" engine, but the reason it's a tie is because there's not a huge difference in... Read More »

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Do you prefer Google or Yahoo search?

Google is the BEST!But to get the most out of it you need to use the Advanced Search Feature.Which lets you 1) Type phrases without using the " on each side of the phrase as you type for use i... Read More »

Why when using google or yahoo search engines do i always get redirected to some crappy adult search engine?

adware / spyware. try running 1 of theseAdaware http://www.lavasoft.comSpybot http://www.spybot.infoAlso make sure you don't have a satic DNS (thats 1 way they do this) Also make sure you have ... Read More »

Do you prefer msn or google as a search engine?

I've used both with good results, but am more prone to use MSN. I used to like "Ask Jeeves," it was really good for certain topics. Yahoo and AOL are not bad either.

Yahoo better than google i think yahoo search engine is far better?

Google search engine is technically far efficient and more thorough!Also try iGoogle beats Yahoo hands down.