Which do you prefer, firefox or google chrome and why?

Answer I like how Firefox is laid out and how it works. FF has bugs right now to work out, but I tried Chrome and it's tabbing didn't work right for me. I had YahooAnswers on only the second tab and I cou... Read More »

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Google chrome vs firefox?

I will always like Firefox for the extensions and the control I have over my browser. Chrome is better for Java, but I don't usually go to a lot of pages that have Java and my internet has Fios spe... Read More »

Is Google chrome better the Firefox?

I prefer Chrome. Firefox feels so old now.

Firefox or google chrome?

Google documents everything you do, whether you allow them, or not. Use Firefox, because it is a lot more customizable, and you can surf in complete privacy......

What is better Google Chrome or Firefox.?

Firefox for its addons.Chrome for its speed, simplicity, and screen space.I use chrome for my small screen laptop but firefox on my desktop because I really need some of those addons. I think chrom... Read More »