Which do you prefer, facebook, myspace, or twitter?

Answer I'd give them all a try!But I prefer Facebook.

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Which do you prefer Myspace,Facebook,Bebo or Twitter?

facebook msn tech news done surveyBebo10%Facebook68%Faceparty1%Friends Reunited2%MySpace4%Tagged1%Twitter3%Windows Live Spaces5%Other6%

Do you prefer Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, and why?

i like myspace. because twitter, you just put what you're doing. and that's it. you can't put anything like badges, or videos, or pics, as far as i know. facebook, my sister has one, and it's reall... Read More »

Twitter or facebook, which do you prefer?

I personally prefer Twitter as it is basic and as you said, you can be random on it- whatever's on your mind you can just post without getting any comments from people on Facebook saying things abo... Read More »

Myspace or facebook Which do you prefer?

i did like facebook the best.until they changed it..i like the old one MYSPACE:]