Which do you prefer, Linux or Microsoft Why?

Answer I have just switched to MAC and it seems to be so much better then the crash prone vunerable to virus' windblows OS

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Why most people prefer windows xp to linux?

Windows is a product that has designed, redesigned, supported, sold, and advocated by a single company, Microsoft. The Windows product family has been around for many years now (since the mid 1980... Read More »

If you are play games and you are a linux user what WINE program do you prefer to use?

Many distros have WINE included in their standard repository, so if you are happy with the version provided you would install it from there, using whatever package management system you're comforta... Read More »

Do you prefer Microsoft or apple?

micro*why are people giving thumbs down to these answers!! there is no right or wrong!*

How to Get Microsoft Programs to Run on Linux?

The Wine utility allows you to run Windows programs on the Linux operating system. The utility provides a compatibility layer between the Windows programs and the Linux operating system. Wine does ... Read More »