Which do you prefer Dentists or doctors?

Answer I prefer dentists. I've never had a cavity in my life, so I guess they don't get to me.

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Doctors dentists, medical profession ?

Hi, I dearly sympathize with your concern. I don't know about your dentist or physician, but in my practice, being late in treating the patient is a no-no. But, I think your doctor is being impolit... Read More »

Who makes more money: doctors or dentists?

In May 2008, general dentists earned a median salary of $142,870, while general physicians earned $186,044, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, specializing in a particular a... Read More »

Which do you prefer: Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Also which fizzy drink do you prefer?

I prefer the flavour or Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. Normal coke is OK but diet coke has a thinner flavour.My favourite used to be Virgin Cola but they stopped making it so now I suppose my favourite ... Read More »

Question for you prefer we close our eyes when you are working over us?

This is a funny question :) I'm a dental hygiene student and i don't know about dentists but I don't even pay attention to whether people's eyes are opened or closed when I'm working on them. I'm t... Read More »