Which do you perfer styrofoam or plastic cups to drink out of at the drive thru?

Answer Plastic

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Are Styrofoam cups as recyclable as plastic?

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) can be recycled, although it is not usually accepted for curbside recycling. However, its low weight, durability and low scrap value makes recycling polystyrene less cost-ef... Read More »

Do you usually drink out of plastic cups or glass ones at home?

Which restaurant is better In-N-out or Bakers drive-thru ?

In n out without a doubt. cant beat natural fries my friend. The menu's simplicity is what adds to it's greatness.The burgers never taste stale or off like mc donalds and you cant argue witha doub... Read More »

Which Is More Eco-Friendly, Styrofoam Trays or Plastic Reuseable Trays?

With schools constantly understaffed and tight on budget, Styrofoam trays are popping up in cafeterias everywhere. However, with environmental concerns topping the headlines, many schools are wonde... Read More »