Which do u have a laptop or a desktop?

Answer laptop

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Which do you have:Desktop or Laptop?

Like The Reckoning, my family has five computers.I have two laptops, my brother has one laptop, my Stepdad uses one of the desktops for work and the other desktop just sits there idly.

I have an old desktop pc,but I do not have a monitor only a laptop can i view my desktop on my laptop?

Just remove the hdd from the desktop and connect it via external casing to the laptop.

How to connect two computers one is Desktop other is Laptop Desktop dont have USB as is very old?

The cheapest way to connect two computers is the following is doing a Direct Cable Connection

Which is better Laptop or Desktop?

It depends on ur use.If u use it for carrying purpose then LAPTOP is best.or else for rough and tough use DESKTOP is best.