Which do i do first?

Answer you can do both. if you know what school you are attending, you can do the fafsa first, because the application will ask wihich school you will be attending. after that, you can go and apply for... Read More »

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Which company OLED TV will be hitting the market first So many companies are in the line of producing OLED TV in the market Which company OLED TV will be the first one to get released?

LG has stated their OLED TV will be released in early Q3 2012. Samsung has indicated there release will be in Q2.

Which comes first for you !!!?

Which comes first; MB,KB, or GB?

All data on a computer is represented in binary with the smallest base unit called a bit. Bits can be 0s or 1s and nothing else. A byte is a group of bits with a length of 8, looking similar to t... Read More »

Which dinosaur was first?

That's A Good Question! The First Dinosaur Was The Euraptor. It Was The Size Of A Chicken! I Think Looking At A Dinosaur The Size Of A Chicken Is HILARIUS!