Which distro of Linux would be ideal for me?

Answer The best to use would be one that a classmate or the computer center at school recommends. Next best would be to use the CD of someone else who is using Linux.Check out Xubuntu or AntiX 8.0. With... Read More »

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I want a weird Linux distro.?

you can try to look upon this top 4 another top of weir distros this time a top 13 here you'll find what you need

How to Choose a Linux Distro?

Want to try Linux (or more accurately "GNU/Linux") but don't know which Linux to try? The "right" Linux for someone else might not be the right Linux for you and your system. Here's are some straig... Read More »

Whats the most popular Linux Distro?

Ubuntu is the best I love it. Mint is better I love it more. Goto I use Mint 7 64 bit edition and Its just fantastic! I dont know what might be more popular but I would pick that o... Read More »

Can't install ANY Linux distro anymore?

Do you already have an existing ext4 partition(s) where your prior Linux instances were? If so, can you use the manual partitioning mode to install them there? Just because the "Install side-by-sid... Read More »