Which dishwasher is the most reliable&the quietest?

Answer On One Hand: Bosch DishwashersAccording to Consumer Search, Bosch dishwashers are the quietest and most reliable. Bosch's SHX98M09UC model is the quietest dishwasher available at 42 decibels and is... Read More »

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What is the quietest brand of dishwasher that gets the dishes the cleanest?

The most quiet dishwasher in the local retail market is a Bosch, going as low as 40dba. However, Bosch is a German-designed dishwasher, which means some cookware may be difficult to fit because of ... Read More »

What are the quietest air conditioners?

Mini splits are quiter but they require 220 and are not cheap. I have yet to see a window air conditioner that is real quiet but 5000 BTU's isn't that big and none should be all that bad.

How to Be the Quietest Person in Class?

Silence. Envy it, swim in it, want to be become it? are silent...

Would a plastic item that melted in your dishwasher spread harmful toxins throughout the dishwasher making everything in the dishwasher unsafe to use again?

Melting plasticNo harmful toxins, but probably a bad taste. It wouldn't hurt to run the load again. Well I do not agree entirely, depending how bad the plastic was melted and what KIND of plastic i... Read More »