Which director do you like more, Steven Spielberg or Steven Soderbergh?

Answer Steven SpielbergBQ :Steven Spielberg :1) Saving Private Ryan2) Jaws3) ET4) Catch Me If You Can5) Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Soderbergh :1) Oceans Eleven2) Oceans Twelve3) Oceans Thirteen4) Traff... Read More »

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Which director do you prefer, Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg?

Spielberg. He's sexy. BQ-Spielberg:JawsThe Color PurpleCatch Me If You CanTarantino:Pulp FictionKill Bill vol 1Inglorious Basterds BQ2: I think that would be Jaws vs. Pulp Fiction. I love Pulp Fict... Read More »

What director do you prefer, Steven Spielberg or Paul Thomas Anderson?

"Because comparing two different types of directors, and when the asker already has a strong bias towards a certain director seems to be the norm in this section."lol he has even gotten to you thes... Read More »

Your top 3 Steven Spielberg movies?

A few of my favorites are "Schindler's List", "Raider's Of The Lost Ark", "Catch Me If You Can".

Happy birthday to Steven Spielberg, what are your top 5 movies directed by him?

It's the 18th here in Sydney! :)1. Catch Me If You Can2. Empire of the Sun3. Saving Private Ryan4. E.T.5. If you can include producer, then Back to the Future.BQ: Noo, he's got a lot!BQ2: It's A Wo... Read More »