If you were to look at these jeans, would you know what brand they are?

Answer Wow. I've never spent more than $30 on one article of clothing.Those are some hot jeans. Yes you can tell theyre a true religionI do look for what brand people wear, because I compare my clothes to... Read More »

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If someone were to lie down flat between railway tracks, would they survive a train running over?

a skinny person would likely survive, in fact is has happened several times. Best to be passed out drunk though, if an alert person panics and moves even a tiny bit, wham!! he is dead. The height o... Read More »

Telling someone they are to old to work is that harassment?

yes unless there is an age requirement for that specific job.

If one were to let an animal loose on a subway or metro while they were alone, would they get caught?

I don't know if they have cameras in the actual trains or not, they might in some place but probably not in most. However, they do have security people and security cameras on subway platforms and ... Read More »

RTV (d)REGS... If these users were in the BB house which order would they be voted out..?

Awww I've missed your wooden spoon. lolI'm afraid, so my splinters don't get upset you understand, that I can not answer your question. :-)