Which direction should a buddha statue face?

Answer A Buddha statue should face toward the east, because this is the direction the Buddha faced as he sat underneath a Bodhi tree and achieved enlightenment through meditation. The east is also the pla... Read More »

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Which direction should the toilet paper roll face?

The roll should dispense over the top to the front. This is easier to see and to grab the end of the sheet. The paper's embossion and/or printing is a clear indicator of the manufacturer's intentio... Read More »

What is a Buddha statue?

The Buddha statue is a symbol of the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama, a prince from northern India around 500 B.C., is also referred to as the Enlightened One. The Buddhist philoso... Read More »

Where do I place my Buddha statue?

On One Hand: Keep it SeparateJust as the Buddhist faith teaches a Buddhist that her spiritual path is separate from worldly affairs, the figure of the Buddha should be kept separate from worldly af... Read More »

Where is the biggest buddha statue?

The largest Buddha statue is the Ushiu Amida Budda, located 50 kilometers northeast of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. It has been the tallest statue in the world since its 1995 construction. I... Read More »