Which direction is reverse on a ceiling fan?

Answer The standard direction for a ceiling fan to rotate is counter-clockwise, which cools a room by creating a "wind chill effect" that makes perspiration evaporate faster. The reverse direction for a c... Read More »

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Which direction should the ceiling fan run?

Ceiling fans have two direction settings, forward and reverse. Although there are exceptions, generally ceiling fans should run counterclockwise (forward) during warmer months to create a wind chil... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan go?

The direction of a ceiling fan is determined by whether or not you want to feel cooler or warmer. Running a fan counterclockwise will send a cool breeze down to the ground, while running it clockwi... Read More »

Which direction should I run my ceiling fan in summer?

During the summer, run your ceiling fan in the forward setting so it blows air down. The forward setting typically runs the fan in a counter-clockwise direction. This causes a windchill effect that... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan spin?

To cool rooms in warm weather with a direct, downward breeze, ceiling fans should spin in a counterclockwise direction. Ceiling fans work best in cold seasons when the blades operate in a clockwise... Read More »