Which direction does warm air go?

Answer Warm air rises. This is because as the temperature of air increases, its molecules vibrate faster and use more space for motion--effectively increasing the space between one another. This increase ... Read More »

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Which direction does warm air travel?

Warm air travels upwards because it is less dense and lighter than cold air. This is an important factor in weather because the continuous upward displacement of warm air by cold air creates wind a... Read More »

Which direction does latitude run?

Latitude is the measurement of angular distance from the equator. Degree lines of latitude run east-west at a distance north or south of the equator. Latitude is expressed as a measurement in degre... Read More »

Which direction does air flow on a computer fan?

As a general rule, rear case fans should serve as an exhaust and blow air out from the case. Front and side case fans should serve as cool air intakes and blow into the case. Fans mounted on proces... Read More »

In which direction does lightning travel?

Lightning has both upward and downward movement, according to the National Weather Service. However, the return stroke of lightning, which produces most of the illumination, travels from the ground... Read More »