Which direction does latitude run?

Answer Latitude is the measurement of angular distance from the equator. Degree lines of latitude run east-west at a distance north or south of the equator. Latitude is expressed as a measurement in degre... Read More »

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Which direction is latitude?

Latitude and longitude are the measurements used to determine a location on the Earth. Latitude lines are measured in degrees, are parallel to the equator and run horizontally around the globe. Lat... Read More »

What direction is latitude?

Latitude lines run in the east-to-west direction, and all are parallel to the equator that divides the Earth into two halves. Latitude lines are distinct from longitude lines, which run from north ... Read More »

Does the direction seeds are change the direction its roots grow?

Well, roots will always grow down due to geotropism. It is caused by the statocytes in the root cap. They sense the force of gravity and grow down according to it. But if the root does not have a r... Read More »

On a train do you like to sit facing in the direction the train is moving or in the opposite direction?

I like to face to a dicrection where the train is heading unless there is a beautiful girl sitting in the opposite side ;)