Which direction does a merry-go-round turn?

Answer A merry-go-round or carousel made in the United States or Germany usually turns counter-clockwise, while those made in England usually turn clockwise. The earliest visual depiction of a merry-go-ro... Read More »

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Which way does a merry-go-round turn?

Merry-go-rounds made in the United States turn counterclockwise and have figures that face that direction. Those made in England always turn clockwise. Merry-go-rounds are also called carousels. Ge... Read More »

Which way does a merry go round turn?

American merry-go-rounds turn counterclockwise. The carousel figures also face counterclockwise. Riders grab a brass ring as they ride, so the carousels were made to turn so that riders could grab ... Read More »

In which direction do windmills turn?

Windmills can rotate in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. By convention, the direction a windmill rotates is determined when looking at the front of the windmill. It is common to ... Read More »

Which direction should you turn a breast drill?

To operate a breast drill, you should turn it clockwise and face it downward, from the pressure plate to the bit. The breast drill turns in a twisting motion. It is often compared to the eggbeater ... Read More »