Which digital camera to shoot the video longer?

Answer Digital cameras and "shoot great video" don't go hand in hand. All digital cameras take "sub par video" compared to a video camera.Most digital cameras over 6 megapixels will shoot video to the ma... Read More »

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What i sthe differnece between a point and shoot camera and digital camera, which is best for quality and?

Hello,There are acutually a few different types of cameras. A point and shoot is the easiest way to take pictures. It is a camera that literally does all the guess work for you. Most have differ... Read More »

Is sound available for every point and shoot digital camera with short video capability?

From what I've seen, no. Be sure to ask or check the info before buying one.

Which would you prefer to have for shooting video, a digital SLR or a video camera?

It depends on your needs. In my opinion, camcorders were designed to capture video and audio - they do that well. Their ability to capture stills is limited. dSLRs were designed to capture still im... Read More »

Which computer port would a digital video camera typically use?

the usb port, located of the back of most computers, front and back of most newer computers, and possibly not at all on the older ones.