Which digital camera is worth my $?

Answer u didn't mention ur $ much $ do u wanna spend on a digital camera???this link will help u:

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Is SLR worth the extra cost on a digital camera?

In your case absolutely not. For that money you'd be much better off with a high end point and shoot such as a Canon G series. These cameras have near SLR functionality and their image quality is... Read More »

Which kind of zoom on a digital camera is better to have Digital or Optical?

It is great to get both high digital and optical zoom. But as others have said Optical Zoom is better. I have seen and owned a few cameras with a high digital zoom and low optical zoom and the pict... Read More »

Which Canon digital camera body should you buy in order to use old lenses from a Digital Rebel XTI?

Any Canon camera with the EF-S lens system will work. That includes but isn't limited to all of the rebels (XT, XtI, XS, XSI, and the new T1I). The only cameras that WON'T work with your Rebel XTI... Read More »

Whats a digital camera worth getting under 100 dollars?

Please consider using ebay. Last years 200$ camera is now a 70$ camera on ebay. They work nice. Stick with name brand usually. Or ask your friends and find one like theirs on ebay.