Which digital camera has the highest megapixels?

Answer Hasselblad has the highest megapixel camera on the market. With a megapixel of 39, it is at the top of it's class!

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What difference does the amount of megapixels a camera has make as you go from the lowest to the highest?

Answer the larger the pixels the more compact the picture is so you dont see the little dots because there are more squares in the picture. so the higher the pixels the better the picture becomes.... Read More »

Megapixels in a digital camera?

the higher the better i think the best on the market has 10.2megapixelsits the nikon d200available from

Digital camera 3.2 megapixels?

These days, 3 megpixels isn't very much, but it's still decent. Try going to, ebay, or J&R and typing it in to find a camera with that. Hope this helps.

How much of Megapixels should I look for in a digital camera?

Lot's of answers no good explanations. I personally use a 7.2 MP camera. The MP (or resolution) defines, in the most basic terms, how large you can blow up a picture. With my 7.2MP I can make a ... Read More »