Which detergent makes the best bubbles?

Answer On One Hand: Making BubblesWater temperature, the pressure of the water and the amount of detergent used are all factors in making bubbles. Certain detergents may create the same amount of bubbles,... Read More »

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Which detergent makes the most bubbles?

AnswerDawn Dish soapmy hypothesis was correct about dawn dish detergent

Which soap detergent makes the most bubbles?

On One Hand: Factor When Creating BubblesThe amount of bubbles created by a detergent is dependent on the water temperature, pressure and amount of soap used. One brand of liquid soap detergent may... Read More »

Which is best: powder or detergent for front loading?

On One Hand: If You Use "Delay," Use PowderIf you use the "Delay" option, when you have your clothes ready to wash, but you do not want the machine to start until later, powder is better because th... Read More »

Does adding corn syrup to detergent make bubbles bigger?

Yeah it does. I did it for a science assignment. The more you add the better!!