Which demographic would advertising on Wikipedia be most effective on?

Answer I would say 18 to 24 year olds with upper-middle to upper-class income levels. They are the ones who believe most what they read in Wikipedia, since their education has been ever tainted by it. A... Read More »

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Effective Email Advertising?

The differences between effective email advertising and ineffective messages can be glaringly clear. After all, one needs only to check the SPAM box of their personal email folder to see all of the... Read More »

Why is wikipedia advertising soap?

Why does Wikipedia refuse advertising and what would the cons be?

The primary reason is that the Frei Kultur Kinder, "free culture" zealots that do the actual work of managing Wikipedia, consider commercial advertising on their website to be "free culture" heresy... Read More »

On Wikipedia, what is the most effective smear tactic against those who disagree with you?

The most effective smear tactic is to accuse the whole bunch of people who disagree with you of all being sockpuppets of a single sockmaster. But to do this you need to have one of your own socks e... Read More »