Which country invented photography first?

Answer France

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Who invented the first photography?

The first known photograph was taken in 1825 by "Niecphore Niepce." however the camera obscura and pinhole cameras were developed before that, they just had no way of recording the image that was p... Read More »

In what country was the first cd player invented?

It was Japan that was the first country to develop the CD player. Sony, CBS/Sony, Philips, and Polygram released it October 1, 1982. The first device was called the CDP-101.References:Eureka: Finan... Read More »

In what country was the first candy bar invented?

The first candy bar was invented in Britain by Joseph Fry in 1847. Fry discovered that by mixing cocoa powder with melted cacao butter, a moldable paste could be made that would harden into a bar. ... Read More »

In what country was the candy bar first invented?

Dan's Chocolate states that Joseph Fry, who came from a long line of chocolatiers, created the candy bar in England. He developed a paste or sugar, cocoa powder and cocoa butter that could be shape... Read More »