Which country have the best traditional foods ?

Answer The mid-west of the United States. They have everything and it is all so fat you will die. The fat is the love, you want mexican-chinese-nordic-english-indian-ar… have everything.

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Non-Traditional Breakfast Foods?

There virtually is no "rule" of what a breakfast can be other than being edible and stomach-able in the morning. In the United States it is often considered odd when someone is seen eating "real" f... Read More »

What French foods are the most traditional?

One of the best French desserts with a 'story' is Tarte Tatin - a tart of apples in a caramel sauce. It has very few ingredients and is quite easy to make. The story is that it was the invention o... Read More »

What Are Traditional Indian Foods?

Traditional food in India is diverse and varies from region to region. In the desert region of Gujarat and Rajasthan, few fresh vegetables are used, whereas in the north and west regions, vegetable... Read More »

Traditional German Holiday Foods?

When thinking about types of German foods, it is common for people to focus on various types of potatoes and sausage. Bratwurst, Knackwurst and Frankfurters are often found at German festivals and ... Read More »