Which country has the most heart disease?

Answer According to Dr. Arvind Koshal, director of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, the highest rates of heart disease are in India. Koshal says this is due to genetics, lack of activity and an un... Read More »

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Which is better to lower heart disease: low-cholesterol or low-fat?

On One Hand: Limiting Unhealthy Fats KeyAccording to the Mayo Clinic, you can lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease by limiting consumption of unhealthy fats. This is the most important s... Read More »

If my dad has heart disease what are my chances of having heart disease?

Genetics is one risk factor for heart disease. There are a number of other risk factors. Check out this web site for more information:

Which is the most common disease?

Can anyone please name one CLINICAL Study which shows Cholesterol causes heart disease?

You are correct. I am still looking for the one undoctored clinical study.The Framingham Heart Study is often cited as proof of the lipid hypothesis. This study began in 1948 and involved some 6,0... Read More »