Which country has the greatest number of women who die in child birth?

Answer afghanstan

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In which part of the country can you find the greatest number of geothermal power plants?

According to the University of Colorado, the vast majority of geothermal power in the U.S. is produced in the Western U.S. and Hawaii. Apart from Hawaii, the three states that have the most geother... Read More »

If a women gives birth while on a plane travelling over an ocean what country is the child born in?

Link 1:According to U.N. rules, the birthplace would actually be born in the airplane's registered country. That could be almost anywhere! Citizenship could actually be determined based on whether ... Read More »

How to Decide Which Number Is the Greatest on a Number Line?

A number line is a visual representation of a set of numbers in order from least to greatest. This type of visual aid can help students to better comprehend number values, as well as concepts such ... Read More »

In which war did the greatest number of american soldiers die?

The Civil War, which occurred from 1861 to 1865, was responsible for the most American casualties. During this war, America lost approximately 346,511 Union soldiers and 260,000 Confederate soldier... Read More »