Which country has implemented government policies to reduce birth rates?

Answer China

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Why do birth rates vary from country to country?

That birth rates vary from country to country, is a relatively new phenomenon. The reason why there are different birth rates is that the countries are in a different state of the so called 'demogr... Read More »

Reasons for high birth rates and death rates in LEDC's?

How can birth rates and death rates affect a ecosystem?

It affects the ecosystem because if there is a dramatic increase in birthrates, it may over populate the world. If there is an increase in death rates, there will be a dramatic change in population... Read More »

How Do Federal Reserve Policies Affect the Supply of Money and Interest Rates?

Money supply can be eased or tightened by the Federal Reserve Board (aka the "Fed") in response to economic conditions. This is done by adjusting interest rates, which make it easier or harder to b... Read More »