Which country does the mint plant originate from?

Answer Urugala is a plant used for salad leaves, some people also call it rocket.

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Which type of mint plant has the biggest "mint" smell?

Mentha arvensis or menthol mint is very minty smelling, its used in products that have menthol scent/ flavor. like cigarets, topical analgesics, decongestants (Vicks) and mouthwashes. Peppermint is... Read More »

How do you plant mint?

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In which country did the fax originate in?

The inventor of the fax machine is Alexander Bain, who was Scottish by birth. Bain was a clockmaker and inventor, and patented the first telegraph facsimile machine on May 27, 1843, while living in... Read More »

How does a mint plant reproduce?

Answer It reporduces by growing runners. This plant can be invasive and spread rapidily if the conditions are right. Lots sun and lots water.