Which country did the French pull out of in 1962?

Answer From 1954 to 1962, France was engaged in a decolonization war with Algeria. The war was characterized by brutal guerrilla tactics, terrorism and the use of torture by both the Algerian and French s... Read More »

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In which Asian country did the French& British fight each other?

The French and British fought each other in India. Both nations had trading posts already established. They fought to increase their sphere of influence, taking advantage of the unrest and rivalrie... Read More »

What country invented the coffin pull bell?

The coffin pull bell, also known as "Bateson's Life Revival Device" or "Bateson's Belfry," was created in England by inventor George Bateson. The device featured an iron bell, mounted on the outsid... Read More »

French Country Styles?

French Country is a popular design style that can give a home a rustic feel and welcoming environment. The French Country style is meant to resemble a cottage in the French countryside. Homeowners ... Read More »

What is a French country design?

Drawing from several periods in French history, French country design exemplifies a relaxed yet sophisticated way of life. Also called "country French," French country design tends to include warm,... Read More »