Which country did "pasta" originate from?

Answer *Some have attributed the innovation of dried pasta, in the form of long thin noodles we use today (spaghetti) to the Arabs who populated Southern Italy (i.e. Sicily) around the 12th Century. Prior... Read More »

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In which country did the fax originate in?

The inventor of the fax machine is Alexander Bain, who was Scottish by birth. Bain was a clockmaker and inventor, and patented the first telegraph facsimile machine on May 27, 1843, while living in... Read More »

In what country did the windmill originate?

The origin of the windmill is not entirely known, but historians believe that the first windmill originated in Persia. It is unknown if the Europeans brought this technology back to Europe after t... Read More »

From which country does the Poinsettia originate?

Mexico Native to Mexico and Central America, the poinsettia grows in moist, wet, wooded ravines and on rocky hillsides. Referenced from Britannica Concsie Encyclopedia. Read More »

In what country did the merengue originate?

Merengue dance and music rose up in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic. The first recorded reference to it--an attempt to ban the dance--is from the mid-19th century, but the merengue i... Read More »