Which continent has the Dead Sea?

Answer The Dead Sea is located in Asia. The Dead Sea is actually a highly dense saltwater lake, and is situated between Jordan and Israel. The shores of the Dead Sea are the Earth's lowest dry geographica... Read More »

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In which continent is the Rhine river?

The Rhine River is on the continent of Europe. Most of the Rhine River is in Germany, however, it starts in Switzerland and at the end flows through the Netherlands into the North Sea. The Rhine Ri... Read More »

Which continent is the Strait of Magellan on?

The Strait of Magellan connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the southern tip of South America. The strait is mostly in Chile and separates mainland South America and the island of Tierra del... Read More »

Which continent is West Xylophone in?

On which continent is Table Mountain?

Table Mountain is located on the continent of Africa. The mountain overlooks Table Mountain Bay on the southwestern tip of South Africa and is one of the most recognized physical landmarks in the c... Read More »