Which condiment could you not live withoutSalt/pepper?

Answer Oh.. There are so many!! :)I couldn't live without salt.. (however, I probably can't live with it either since I have high blood pressure ;))..Ketchup is a must have, mustard too... I love ranch dr... Read More »

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Which technology could you not live without?

Is the age at which a child can decide which parent they want to live with depend at all on if the parents live in different states?

Answer Minors are not allowed to choose with whom they wish to live in any US state.In some instances the presiding judge will speak with a minor child and may or may not take the results of the i... Read More »

I bought a Sony BDPS370 Blu-Ray player from Amazon and the disc made a whirring noise during playback which I could not live with and not sure if the player was faulty or if they all do this?

Can i choose which parent i want to live with My parents are fighting over me do i have a say where i live im 17 and pregnant and i want to live with my dad in Florida and mom won't let me go?

Technically you have to comply with whatever custody arrangement there is until you are age 18. At age 18, you are free to do as you please--but you may still be financially dependent on your paren... Read More »