Which concession food is your favorite at a fair?

Answer Why..... Its.........GRILLED CHICKEN ON A STICK.A simple and common food favorite at many a fair.Not exotic, nothing to write home about, but let's face it.... how many people actually go home, sti... Read More »

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What is your favorite fair food?

There's a festival about an hour from me where they cook cinnamon rolls outside over an open fire... OML! WONDERFUL...But, I love the polish sausage with peppers and onions, or a ribeye sandwich,... Read More »

What's your favorite food or foods at a fair or amusment park?

Funnel cakes with lots of powdered sugar with a lemon shake up to drink. The funnel cake violates probably every healthy food idea known to man, it's so loaded with fat (from frying) and sugar. It'... Read More »

Which is your favorite fast food chain?

Which is your most favorite Asian food?

Indonesian would be my most favorite Asian food, the hot and spicy dish, cakes, rice, fritters, and drinks yuummI love Chinese foods as well, Japanese only some and if its sushi i'd rather eat the ... Read More »