Which computer port would a digital video camera typically use?

Answer the usb port, located of the back of most computers, front and back of most newer computers, and possibly not at all on the older ones.

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What is the diffrence of the video camera and digital camera can both be loaded into a personal computer ty?

a video camera takes moving images, while a digital camera takes still pictures and also some will take videos including mine. i dont know about video cameras being able to be loaded on to computer... Read More »

How can I edit video footage through my digital video camera on my computer?

You should have FireWire on both (it's an Apple invention) and should have no problems between the Mac and the Handicam with that FireWire cord ($25).Some Handicams did STREAM video and thus you sh... Read More »

How do I transfer video from my digital camera to my computer?

When you plug it up to your computer, turn your camera on. Then a pop-up will come up on your computer. Click 'Add all pictures to pc' or something to that effect. The video will be in there. Add t... Read More »

How do you download a video from a JVC digital camera to your computer?

Well, if you have a notebook, I just found this answer myself. You would need to buy a Firewire cable (6pin to 4 pin)that could connect both in your cam and your mac. Connect the cable to your com... Read More »