Which company produced the first Xerox machine?

Answer Chester Carlson invented the process of xerography, the origin of the name Xerox, in 1937, but the Haloid Xerox company, later shortened to simply Xerox, was the first to manufacture automated xero... Read More »

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When was the first Xerox machine made?

Xerox introduced its first copying machine, the 914 (because it could handle paper up to 9 by 14 inches), in 1959, according to the Xerox Corporation. However, Xerox did not sell one of the machine... Read More »

Who invented the Xerox machine?

Chester Carlson invented the Xerox machine and the field of xerography--the method of photocopying an image by bouncing light rays off of a light sensitive plate--according to the Xerox Corporation... Read More »

How do I save contacts on a xerox machine?

You may be able to save them if you have an LDAP server setup and use a Remote Address Book. According to the WorkCentre manuals for another printer (I could not find your particular model listed o... Read More »

Can I scan documents with an old copier (Xerox machine)?

You would be better off buying a standalone high-speed scanner. Chances are the old copier does not scan to network. It would be difficult at best to use such capability even if the machine boots u... Read More »