Which company makes the best portable hard drives?

Answer I'd go with Western Digital. But there are some highly rated drives at Some of these are assembled with a different name on them, and who knows what drive is inside. If I h... Read More »

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How do I Use Portable Hard Drives?

Portable hard drives are designed for convenience. They come partitioned and preformatted, so they are truly plug-and-play. The primary advantages of portable hard drives are their portability, mas... Read More »

Can you use portable hard drives on dvd players?

Generally No.There is something about a HDD that frustrates televisions and disk players. They work fine with USB flash drives but not HDD. I suspect something about the power requirements is behin... Read More »

Can 2 portable hard drives be used on 1 computer?

Yes, you can connect two portable, or external, hard drives to one computer. Many portable hard drives connect to computers through a USB port, therefore you can connect as many external hard driv... Read More »

Using DVDs as USB Storage over Portable/External Hard Drives?

I'm not sure what the USB thing is. I would burn regular DVDs. But if you are burning the stuff to DVDs and can get it back, then I guess the format doesn't matter.DVDs last a long time if you pu... Read More »