Which company makes best printers and laptops?

Answer When you are ready to buy a new system, go to I buy all of my stuff from them.I bought a complete, new system from them with a warranty for LESS than it would cost me... Read More »

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Which company makes the best laptops sony, dell or toshiba or is there a fourth one?

Really depends what you want to use it for.My dad has a Compaq, Mum has a toshiba and a couple of friends of mine have Dell Laptops.All are useable in different situations.You want to know your bud... Read More »

Which company makes better printers hp or Epson?

I have owned both, and a couple of different models of each. I would have to say they are dead even.

Which is the best company for printers?

I organise all the IT for my business (veterinary practice) and over the years we have had many printers - Brother, Epson, HP to name a few. For the last few years I have bought nothing but HP as t... Read More »

What company makes the best laptops for doing school projects and music HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc?

Dell or Hp. Just don't get Toshiba, they're junk.