Which company has the best light truck tires?

Answer On One Hand: General is Ranked HighlyGeneral's Grabber HTS ranks number one with lists the following pros: response grooves, stabilink bars, microfiber casing (pro... Read More »

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Tires That Are Good for Wet Traction for a Light Duty Truck?

The type of terrain on which you'll drive your light-duty truck will determine the type of tire with which it should be equipped. If you keep to roads or highways, all-season tires will most likely... Read More »

Can you replace truck tires with load-rated tires?

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all car and truck tires sold have a load rating. Replacement tires on a truck should have a load rating equal to or greater than the original equ... Read More »

Can you replace truck tires with E-rated tires?

Load range E tires can be used as replacement tires if the current tires on the truck are load range E or less. Replacement tires should be the same load capacity as the original equipment tires or... Read More »

Does a light truck or a heavy truck moving with the same momentum require more work to stop?

A light truck and a heavy truck traveling at the same momentum and coming to a stop over the same distance would require the same work to stop. In order for them to be traveling at the same momentu... Read More »