Which comes first for you !!!?

Answer i'm a Veggie hun.......xx

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Which comes first; MB,KB, or GB?

All data on a computer is represented in binary with the smallest base unit called a bit. Bits can be 0s or 1s and nothing else. A byte is a group of bits with a length of 8, looking similar to t... Read More »

Which comes first: CCs or enclosure?

When writing a business letter, write the enclosure that contains the contents of the letter or envelope. Follow up with the CCs, which are carbon copies. This notifies the recipients of others who... Read More »

Which comes first for an automobile: the registration or the insurance?

You must have proof of insurance from a company licensed in the state in which you wish to register your car. Also required is a valid driver's license issued to you by the state where you are regi... Read More »

Which vocaloid song comes first in this series?

The song To You was released first by Lettuce-P, and the song All of Me All to You was released more than an year later as a reply to To You.It's been a long time since I listened these songs, but ... Read More »