Which colour room encourages diner to eat more?

Answer Red

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Which Eye colour is more attractive?

One of each colour is not only attractive but also very intriguing ;-)

Does pulling out greys encourages more of them to grow?

thats what they say... just a myth tho.. me tinks :-)

What is the best colour scheme to make a small room appear larger - the room will be for mother & baby?

Light colours make a room look bigger.If you do the walls in 2 sections, it will make it look higher as well.. for example white wainscoting on the bottom third of the wall and a pale painted colou... Read More »

Which type of projector DLP or LCD is more suitable for Training Room use of about 35 students?

Both projectors are good for training room. If your budget is under $2500 dollars, you have plenty of both DLP and LCD projectors to choose from. you move closer to $200... Read More »