Which color is the best looking of these sandals?

Answer Personally, the gold, pink, and bedazzled shoes look ugly, I'd choose the grey.

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Which is better looking of these barrettes Gold or Silver?

The silver barrette is pretty. The gold one... Well, that gold looks really dirty. Shouldn't gold be more, I dunno, cleaner?

What are these sandals called 10 pts?

ask someone in the wedding party what they are and where they got them.

HELP! can i wear THESE sandals in the fall?

Which of these two cameras do you like the best BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS ?

There's no law against saving your money you know. Having said that, the DSC-W120 offers the most photographic capability for the money. Of the two, that's the one that I'd get and it's not at all ... Read More »