Which color complements coral or peach for a wedding?

Answer On One Hand: Complementary ColorsComplementary colors are found opposite each other on the color wheel. Coral and peach are combinations of various shades of yellow, red and white. Blue is the comp... Read More »

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What color should my maid of honor wear at my wedding if i wear coral?

On One Hand: Go With a NeutralCoral is a rather unconventional wedding gown color, so the maid of honor should wear a neutral color that won't overpower the coral color. White goes with everything,... Read More »

What color complements orange?

Complementary colors are those opposite one other on a color wheel and typically enhance each other's brightness and contrast. Because blue is directly opposite orange on the color wheel, it is ora... Read More »

Whats goes with the color peach I have peach walls...Please help?

I have peach wall. From late fall to early spring I accessorize with the color burgundy-dk red. In the late spring and early fall I accessorize with light colors of light blue and light green.(she... Read More »

How to Make Shadows by Adding Color Complements?

Emerging from the prism studies of Isaac Newton in the 17th century, the color wheel is used by today's artists as a method for perfecting color relationships in paintings and drawings. Color compl... Read More »