Which colleges are famous for giving high scholarships?

Answer Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College gives high scholarships, generally $10,000 - $20,000 is the average. However, you have to remember that the schools that give the most scholarships are usually the ... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of colleges giving out scholarships for athletics?

Pro: It gets people into colleges who would have no other way to qualify.Con: It gets people into colleges who are not really scholastically qualified to be there while taking up seats that could ... Read More »

Scholarships for Catholic Colleges?

Planning for college can be an anxiety-ridden task, especially when prospective students and their families wonder how they'll pay for tuition, books, fees and campus housing. Many scholarships, h... Read More »

Scholarships for Acting Colleges?

Scholarships for acting are offered through college theater programs throughout the country to prospective students. Institutions such as The School of Film and Television's New York Conservatory f... Read More »

How do colleges deal with outside scholarships I'm still a bit confused!?

While itis technically true that you can not be over awarded on Title IV funding (federal funding from the FAFSA), if eligible for pell and subsidized loans these are awarded first. Then unsub and ... Read More »