Which cold medications are not recommended for people who are on high blood pressure medication?

Answer I have hypertension too and the only meds I can take for colds and flu are Coricidin HBP and Robetussin DM.You can also try vinegar and honey mixture for sore throat and gargling with warm salt wat... Read More »

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Does Cialis - ed medication affect high blood or people with high blood pressure?

First off, you would need a prescription to obtain Cialis. So, the best thing to do is consult your physician about your concerns. He or she can best assess if it would be safe for you.

How can I lower my high blood pressure without drugs/medications?

If you have a "high normal" pressure reading, you're in a great position to profit from the help that natural medicine can offer. By adopting the suggestions below, you'll probably be able to lower... Read More »

What is the best high blood pressure medication to take while pregnant?

On One Hand: Methyldopa Has Been Shown To Be SafeMethyldopa is prescribed to combat high blood pressure, and according to, several studies have been conducted on the effects of the Methyl... Read More »

Question about High Blood Pressure and medication?

Try packing the bong away for a while... :)... sorry about your mother :(