Which city is called pink city ?

Answer Jaipur in India.Hope it helps!

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On 'Sex and the City' what pink phone does Carrie have?

I can't be sure, but it looks like a bejeweled pink Samsung m510 from Sprint, she later gets the LG Muziq from her assistant, also from Sprint. Both fairly simple, relatively cheap phones.

In which european city would you find the sugar pink palace?

The sugar pink palace, known as the Palazzo Sasso, is found in Ravello, Italy. The palace, originally built during the 12th century, is now a 5-star hotel situated on a clifftop overlooking the Ama... Read More »

In the movie Sex and the City - why is he called Mr Big?

Mr Big himself ask her this same question on one her book readings she was having out in LA. She answered that is was to protect the identity of the innocent. On a more personal note, I think Mr Bi... Read More »

In the final episode of Sex In The City which city was Carrie visiting when she found her necklace at the bottom of her handbag?

Carrie was in Paris with Petrovsky and she found her necklace inside the lining of her bag when she was waiting for Petrovsky at his new art exhibition.