Which encyclopedia came first?

Answer The earliest known encyclopedia consists of 37 articles, was written by a Roman statesmen named Pliny the Elder and was published in A.D. 80. He named his work "Naturalis Historia." English transla... Read More »

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Which came first: USENET or BBN?

BBN came first. The BBN Technologies Company, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1948, pioneered Internet technology. Their development and research in this field led the way for the arrival ... Read More »

T.V or T.V remote !!!!!!!! which one came first?

t.v. how could there be a t.v. remote without a t.v. LOL

Which ipod models came first?

The first Apple iPod was released on October 23, 2001. This original model was white in color and featured a scroll wheel. It had 5 GB of memory, held 1,000 songs, and was compatible only with Mac ... Read More »

Which Ghostface Killer came first?

Ghostface Killah actually got his name from an old kung-fu movie entitled "Mystery of Chessboxing" from 1979:…And not from the Scream franchise. So the Gho... Read More »