Which chocolate would you pick out from a tin of Quality Street?

Answer the big purple one lol

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Quality street or roses?

If only they'd put the purple QS into Roses there'd be no contest.

Can you help me pick out a quality camcorder?

Hi, well I have a few suggestions, I recently researched this also, I decided on the Panasonic PV GS300, I have also heard the Panasonic PV GS500 is very good, however I wanted a more compact camco... Read More »

Which quality paper is used for cadbury chocolate?

Cadbury proudly owns the patent to a distinct shade of purple used on its chocolate dairy bars since 1905. Pantone shade 2685C or "Cadbury Purple" came to be after an Australian chocolate rival att... Read More »

How to Pick a Quality Stock for Investment?

Wall StreetThere are certain characteristics that identify quality stocks for investment. This entry discusses some of the factors that may be used to identify winning stocks.