Which chocolate melts fastest dark, white or milk. And Why?

Answer They are 2 completely different materials. There isn't any real chocolate in white chocolate. It's made of cocoa butter, milk and sugar, that's it. So it's kind of like asking why an ice cube melts... Read More »

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Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate What is your fav choc food?

I love milk and white chocolate and usually in a good Reese Peanut Butter Cup. I love a cake Costco puts out too and that is in milk chocolate as well. Unfortunately we are talking chocolate here s... Read More »

Do you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate?

Poll: Dark, Milk or White chocolate?

i like chocolate like i like my men, dark, smooth and rich!!!!

What do you prefer- Milk, dark or white Chocolate?

My favorite type is Terra Nostra Rice milk chocolate. One of the V%V regulars told about it a few months ago.I never thought I'd eat a creamy version of vegan chocolate.I'm glad he told me about it... Read More »